Antioxidant supplementation has negative consequences


IMPORTANT, You Really Need to Understand This. The Free Radical Theory is Completely Wrong and The Antioxidant Supplementation has Negative Consequences.

The popular religion like believes of antioxidants are based on an outdated and by industry well sponsored views of free radicals as bad, toxic compounds. The ones which cause destructive damage culminating in degenerative diseases and aging.  Research already more than 10 years ago has revealed that, in fact radicals play a crucial roles in many important processes, including signal transaction, cell-cycle regulation immune system functions and cellular energy production (to see more about the researches take a look at the links on the bottom of the page).


Antioxidants from supplements some food sources have a cumulative effect of dangerously lowering protective pro-oxidant levels, which “allows” for disease manifestation. Today’s marketing of antioxidants is all about sales and has nothing to do with science-based evidence. Scientific data has shown for years and years that the antioxidant vitamins can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and overall mortality. Some clinical trials of antioxidant supplementation have even found harmful effects.  Many of such trials have been terminated early for this reason. Yet, this information is ignored and denied by those selling these potentially harmful products.  There is more, antioxidants may actually prevent the health-promoting effects of physical exercise. It should be clear that it is not such a great idea to flood your body with something that kills these warriors of the immune system.   Actually antioxidant supplements have not shown to be effective at preventing aging, or any degenerative disease. (to see more about the researches take a look at the links on the bottom of the page)

Evidence indicates that radical formation results from, but does not cause disease processes. Radical formation results for example from tissue injury, and is a necessary for healing processes. As a matter of fact free radicals play a crucial role in developmental, metabolic, immunological, and other physiological functions.  Without them we would not be able to produce energy, develop properly, repair injury; nor would we be able to destroy pathogens or infected and malignant cells. We humans have naturally developed very effective enzymatic systems for controlling and utilizing these radicals. Like I have written in my earlier blogs, oxygen and free radicals are the very basic essentials for your health (read here). Cancer cells can’t live in well oxygenated environment and to simplify free radicals do the job.

It seems that because of the hype many truly excellent herbs and vitamins have in vain been labeled as antioxidants because any self-respecting herb obviously also needed to be an antioxidant. For example it’s obvious that that vitamin C can’t really be a powerful antioxidant simply because of its proven anticancer properties (read here). If you see an adaptogenic herb being classified as antioxidant it will be mostly because of the hype.

Isn’t it truly amazing that despite these facts we are still constantly barraged by information of the dangers of free radicals and the need of copious amounts of antioxidant supplements. Stop harming yourself now! As always do your own research on free radical theory on which the whole idea of antioxidants is based on. You’ll be amazed.


These are some of the researches that was used in my Blog:

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