Cordyceps, One Of The Most Saught After Tonics


Cordyceps is one of the most sought after tonics of the Chinese tonic herbal system.It is an adaptogenic herb which means that it is a substance that brings you whole body into balance. When taking adaptogenic herbs you have to let go of the whole idea that you take them to target a specific symptom in your body.

Effects are cumulative. There is no point in taking it just once or sporadically. Be patient and take it every day. It can take a few weeks to couple of months to notice an effect

It is a very effective and powerful life-improving agent, ranking right up there with such as Ginseng, Reishi and Deer Antler. Because it is extremely rare, it is very expensive. The original one from China actually as expensive as gold.

This rare, precious herb is considered to be a moderately Yang primal essence tonic of the highest stature. It is a mushroom that consumes the body of a certain kind of caterpillar in mountain regions of China, Mongolia and Tibet. It is said to build sexual and physical power, mental energy, and the immune system and is generally believed in the Orient to prolong life.


Cordyceps is considered a medicinal mushroom that increases energy, stimulates the immune system, and acts as an overall tonic to the body. It is one of the most famous Chinese herbs, but has only gained attention in the West lately.

Cordyceps is used to strengthen the body and mind at a fundamental level. It is said to be able to increase the “life force” (Chi or Prana) for life activities. It is widely used for the purposes of strengthening the primal Kidney functions, which include sexual functions, brain power, structural integrity and healing ability. It is a very powerful Yang tonic. As a sexual tonic, Cordyceps is considered to be one of the best having a profound long term strengthening capacity. It is commonly used for impotence, sexual weakness, frigidity and infertility.

Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen the skeletal structure, and is said specifically to benefit the lower back, knees and ankles. It is used for backache due to injury, fatigue, stress or simple aging.

Cordyceps is also a major lung tonic dissolving phlegm, which is a most important factor in restoring immune system to highly functional level. It is especially beneficial to those who suffer chronic lung weakness with cough, wheezing or shortness of breath. It can be used to strengthen respiratory power by those who require extra energy in order to perform physical work, sports or exercise.

One of the most interesting things that Cordyceps seems to do is to perform the simple act of oxygenation. The fungus dilates the airways in the lungs, resulting in more oxygen to the blood. Thus more oxygen reaches every cell of the body, resulting in better cell function and greater energy levels. Top athletes in general are well aware of its ability to increase the oxygen uptake and dissolve phlegm.

This results in enhanced endurance, alkalizing of the body and helping to maintain the all-important acid/alkaloid balance. Cordyceps is considered in Asia to be a powerful athlete’s all-around tonic. It greatly improves performance and muscle building capability.

Many studies also indicate that Cordyceps can help the body resist a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Benefits of Cordyceps:

  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Phlegm dissolving; restoration and stimulation of the immune system
  • Faster recovery from bronchitis and respiratory diseases
  • Improved oxygen uptake
  • Increased efficiency and stamina of the circulatory system
  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Liver protection and enhanced recovery from chemotherapy
  • Sexual strengthening capacity
  • Increases Prana/Chi uptake resulting in more energy, strength, and stamina

Supplier / Sources

Product quality varies drastically between companies.  Purchase only from a reputable supplier that you trust. As always, organic is best when it comes to medicinal mushrooms.

You can purchase Cordyceps that is either cultured in a lab on a variety of different base or picked wild in the Tibetan Plateau. The wild fungus is much rarer and extremely expensive.

It’s probably best to stick with the indoor cultivated fungus, it’s much cheaper and possibly safer. Nowadays even Chinese do import the lab cultivated one from Thailand because of safety concerns as well as the price.

There’s a lot of hype and money around this mushroom, so we have done a lot of research on a production companies before choosing the right one. Our Cordyceps is cultivated by a small family farm who are passionate about it. They have gone through extensive training organized by agricultural department of Chiang Mai University. It’s being grown on organic brown rice bed with silk worm caterpillars.


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