The Last Of The Three Elements of Optimal Health Is…


Hormonal Balance

The third final element is the balance between the hormone insulin and growth hormone. People with the highest levels of the growth hormone somatotrophin (STH) live the longest. Insulin is secreted to control the rate at which the body utilizes carbohydrates. When we eat carbohydrates (especially sugars and starches), insulin is released to lower the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Insulin also promotes the use of glucose as an energy source for the body, promotes the storage of fat and encourages the conversion of proteins to fat for storage. STH increases the rate of protein synthesis, affects the metabolism of sodium, potassium and calcium and influences the metabolism of carbohydrates. The purpose of STH is to convert the body’s available energy into bone, muscle and tissue growth.

When we are young, our bodies have a low ratio of insulin to STH and that keeps us healthier, leaner, full of energy—and growing. The insulin encourages the body to store carbohydrates as fat while STH stimulates the burning of that fat.


Due to age and inactivity, stored carbohydrates accumulate in the form of fat. Because we are now full-grown, the hypothalamus tells the pituitary gland to release less and less STH. This causes the pancreas to produce more insulin in order to maintain proper blood sugar levels. The visible result of this hormonal imbalance is weight gain. The chronic symptoms of this imbalance is hypoglycemia. If not corrected, diabetes is the end result.


I encourage you to do your own research of the above statements; you can start with studying Drs. Otto Warburg and Linus Pauling works of inexpensive protocols to prevent or reverse chronic illnesses such as cancer. They both were awarded Nobel Prizes.


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