The Second Of Three Elements of Optimal Health Is…


Acid / Alkaline Balance

This is monitored by measuring the “pH (the symbol for hydrogen ion concentration)” which is controlled by the body’s oxygen level. The body must be slightly alkaline for its cells to be properly oxygenated.

Note that without exception, people with cancer have a pH below 7.0, which means their tissues, their cells, are not being properly oxygenated. People with a body pH over 7.4 do not have cancer because their cells and tissues are being properly oxygenated.


“Surprisingly” and contrary to western medical information, cancer is the easiest of all degenerative dis-eases to understand and is readily reversible without dangerous drugs and surgeries. The body constantly regulates the replacement of worn out cells while creating new cells to repair tissue damage. “Cancerous” is the term applied to cells that reproduce in an unregulated manner until they form a tissue mass, or “tumor.”

To create a cancerous cell in the lab, technicians simply withhold oxygen from a healthy cell and it becomes cancerous within a few hours. (give this some thought!) Conversely, supplying the cancerous cell with more oxygen than was withheld from it causes that cancerous cell to die within a few hours. An individual cell cannot be cured of cancer; once cancerous, the cell must be destroyed.

eat fruits and exercise for healthy living

Therefore the natural way of destroying cancer cells is exposing them to oxygen. Increasing the amount of oxygen available to the cells is accomplished by elevating body pH through diet and exercise. Once cancerous cells have been destroyed, maintaining body pH at 7.4-7.5 will prevent cells from becoming cancerous.

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