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I decided to write a bit more on my knowledge and experiences regarding antioxidants due to plentiful response, mostly disbelief, to my article on this important subject.

I have to admit that I also was a firm believer in antioxidants some years ago. The selling arguments and ‘science” behind it seemed flawless and made them as almost like god given answer to many problems.

However over the years mainly the following two factors raised my suspicions and caused me to arrive to another conclusion. ( and there is plenty of hard evidence, please check the first article on antioxidants)

First despite how much I consumed ever stronger antioxidant supplements they never actually cured or prevented anything, not even common cold. Neither did they make me feel better or more energetic rather I felt worse.  Please carefully think if you really ever have got any help from antioxidants?

Second factor kicked in when I started to experiment with hydrogen peroxide and later with Chlorine dioxide(MMS). These both work by oxidizing the body and were by far better than anything else I ever tried. They actually cured and prevented numerous diseases as well as gave a real energy boost. Strange, I thought, because this is the polar opposite of free radical theory and antioxidant claims, these should be bad for you!

It then is obvious that something must be wrong about the free-radical theory. The above cases practically prove what I wrote in my previous article about antioxidants.

The core of it is that the free-radicals appear on the site of damage to heal and repair as a crucial part of the immune system. The theory now claims that free-radicals actually cause the damage. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to oxidize your body not anti-oxidize.


Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

The case here seems very similar to very foundations of the western medicine.

The work of French biologist Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) demonstrated that dis-ease causes germs; Bechamp’s contemporary (and former student) Louis Pasteur announced that his studies proved that germs cause disease. If we had chosen Bechamps method we’d now practicing Health-care science instead of medicine.

When you read this site and find references to antioxidant qualities, please ignore them. They are so plentiful on description of practically all herbs etc that we have not bothered to correct them all.

When herbs and foods work positively on health just try to remember it’s not because of antioxidant qualities but something else in each case.

Ask your self why also the Establishment so strongly promotes the antioxidant idea?

Could they actually cause damage to you?

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