“Your Body Knows Best” Exercise


This method works like magic and consists of just 4 steps. When you understand that your body is the highest authority when it comes to healing itself. It knows perfectly well what to do as long as you allow it to happen and trust it.

This is best done early in the morning just when you are about to wake up and still are fully relaxed in your bed. Once a day is sufficient for this method to work.


Lie flat on your back without a pillow with intention to start healing.

Now mentally give your body the full power to do whatever it wants in order to heal itself. You just expect it to take over and start. Do not analyze or do anything to interfere with it, just watch. You are only the observer.

Breathe deeply and in steady rhythm.

Soon things start to happen. Normally the body fully autonomously aligns itself first and then starts working on whatever is most urgent. Remember when this happens you only mentally watch. The body can, for example, start twisting and vibrating your spine, some twitches anywhere in the body, or it may take over the breathing process. Whatever it is, let it happen and run its course, trusting your body knows best. Normally this seems to take from 30-60 minutes.

After, please do thank your body and tell it we’ll do this again tomorrow.


I, the author, healed my lumbar disk protrusion with this method. It was so bad that sometimes I could not even get up from the bed and felt paralyzed from hip down with excruciating pain. One morning, when still in bed, my legs started to move and my spine aligned without my control or input. First I was a bit scared and the process promptly stopped. Luckily though I very quickly realized that I should trust my body and let it do whatever it wants. The process continued and I felt my spine moving and twisting vertebrae by vertebrae. The whole process to heal the spine completely took around 4 months with sessions every morning. This is now 10 years ago and my spine is in excellent condition.

You can also target specific conditions that you want to improve. However, after having practiced it many years it seems to be best to let your body choose first and let it work on what it deems to be critical.

The method is very fundamental and easy. You just have to do it or rather let it happen!

I would love to hear how this works for you. Please let me know in the comments below or message me on our Facebook Page   

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