Traditional Health Care vs. Western Medicine


So let’s have a quick look at the fundamental (error) of western medicine. The very name of this science tells us that the practitioners of it are professionals in knowledge of medicine, NOT in knowledge of health.

The work of French biologist Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) demonstrated that dis-ease causes germs; Bechamp’s contemporary (and former student) Louis Pasteur announced that his studies proved that germs cause disease. One man has been forgotten by history; the other is considered the father of modern medicine.

Pasteur’s germ theory of disease gave birth to the pharmaceutical age. Had modern medicine adopted Bechamp’s dis-ease theory of germs and the subsequent work of doctors Brewer, Warburg and Pauling, it would be common knowledge that the symptoms of disease are prevented or reversed by nutrition at the cellular level.

Dr. Otto Warburg

Chemist Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931for discovering the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme. His work demonstrated that cancer cells replicate in the absence of oxygen. Several oxygenation methods have been proven capable of stopping the proliferation of cancer cells.

Keith Brewer, Ph.D.

Dr. Keith Brewer founded the Brewer International Science Library to apply the tools and methods of his training as a physicist to understand the living cell and how its nature applies to phenomena such as cancer and aging. His work led him to discover that cancer cells cannot live in tissue with a pH of 8.0. This led to the development of cesium therapy to reverse cancer. Cesium is the most alkalinizing of the elements. Dr. Brewer and many qualified researchers and physicians since, have written scores of articles on the development of his theory and the utilization of cesium to maintain alkalinity as an adjunct to successful cancer treatment.


Consequently dis-ease isn’t exactly what we think it is, we think that it is caused by outside germs, but in fact it isn’t. Their names are highly misleading which causes misinterpretation thus leading to maltreatment of our bodies. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the cell’s needs are fairly simple. Dis-ease is caused by missing “elements” in our bodies.

If germs are outside attackers invading the body, then we can develop and market an endless array of weapons with which to kill them (follow the money). But, if disease or imbalance in the body causes germs, then we must simply restore balance to remove the conditions upon which germs thrive.

Chinese, Indian and basically all folk “medicine” is based on that fundamental of restoring the balance.

They all use a endless variety of herbs to achieve that end.

We select only the best ones that work with and are correspondent to the three fundamental issues mentioned previously; collagen/bone matrix, acid/alkaline balance, and hormonal balance. We do our best to ensure pure products from organic sources. 


So without further ado I’d like to introduce our first herb for that important hormonal balance;

Mucuna Pruriens and Cordyceps mushroom for acid/alkaline balance.

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