Cordyceps Mushroom

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Cordyceps Mushroom


Cordyceps is one of the most sought after tonics of the Chinese tonic herbal system. It is an very effective and powerful life-improving agent, ranking right up there with such as Ginseng, Reishi and Deer Antler. Because it is extremely rare, it is very expensive. Product quality varies drastically between companies.  Purchase only from a reputable supplier that you trust. As always, organic is best when it comes to medicinal mushrooms.

Among its many properties it is a major lung tonic dissolving phlegm which is most important in restoring immune system as whole. By dilating the airways in the lungs it improves the oxygenation, resulting in better cell functions and greater energy levels. Cordyceps is considered in Asia to be a powerful athlete’s all-around tonic. It greatly improves performance and muscle building capability.

There’s a lot of hype and money around this mushroom, so we have done a great deal of research on a production companies before choosing the right one. Our Cordyceps is cultivated by a small family farm who are passionate about it. They have gone through extensive training organized by agricultural department of Chiang Mai University. It’s being grown on organic brown rice bed with silk worm caterpillars.

Capsules: 60 a’ 425mg

Dosage: 2-6/ day

Price: B1,500

Some Benefits:

  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Phlegm dissolving; restoration and stimulation of the immune system
  • Faster recovery from bronchitis and respiratory diseases
  • Improved oxygen uptake resulting in higher energy levels
  • Increased efficiency and stamina of the circulatory system

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