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We are a small but hard working family business specializing in arcane health knowledge, implementation of it and Thai herbs. Our passion and practical knowledge about how to keep yourself healthy is second to none. We are very happy to share that knowledge with you as well as guide through practical implementation of those methods.


Years ago rheumatism started to make my life difficult. Suddenly I could not sleep on my side anymore due to shoulder pains. Then it started to seriously affect my exercises, I could not do push ups any-longer due to excruciating wrist pains. To make things worse I also got serious cramps in my hands and fingers started to get stiff, making my bike rides through the northern mountain roads an impossibility.

The news was bad; in general there was no cure for the condition. It was then when I seriously started to follow the fundamentals of health I have outlined in the blogs and managed to reverse my condition now living free of rheumatism. All the cures and protocols we are recommending have been tried out in practice.

Natural Products

Chiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand blessed with both hot tropical weather and cool winter season and plenty of relatively high mountain ranges. All of this makes the area quite unique and rich in variety of herbs and other crops. Our operations base is right here in Chiang Rai.

Before choosing a product we as a norm personally go and check out the producer and their manufacturing processes to ensure they correspondence with claims.

We are now also looking into arranging retreats where we can teach you some simple, yet powerful, arcane healing protocols.

Customer Care

Our services does not just end after your purchase of our herbs, we provide a continuous customer care. We assist you with providing the best natural solutions to your health issues, whether it be a simple flu or regaining your hormonal balance.

Stay Naturally Healthy, Buy Your Products Here